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my book selection

OK, well, thanks magicfuzzball for the tip-off that I was next ... I joined the community but I hadn't put it on one of my friends-link-pages, so I never got to read anything that was on it.

ANYway, be that as it may ... my selection is Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll ... published by Orb/Tor, it was apparently well-received by the likes of Stephen King, Pat Conroy and Stanislaw Lem. It was written in 1987.

From the back of the book:
"Cullen James is a young woman whose life dictates her dreams -- and whose dreams control her life.
In her first dream, she found the perfect man -- and the same thing promptly happened in life. Now, though, she has begun to dream dreams set in Rodua, a fantasy world of high adventure, full of tests of her courage and strength. And slowly, quietly, her dream world is spilling over into her New York City reality and beginning to threaten everything she loves in life. Her freiends are gathered to help her -- but even her newfound courage may not be enough."

Right now I'm 40 pages into it, and it's mostly been character development thus far -- the relationship spoken of above.

The first sentence of the book, though, is really great. It's stuck with me, especially after I ran this little exercise in my journal some time ago:

"The Axe Boy lived downstairs."

What's not to like?
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