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Quiet or is it just me?

I havn't noticed a post here in a while, though I could just be loseing it, very possible.. Anywho, Figured I'd share, I'm a pretty big fan of the world of fantasy but have never had much luck getting into any Fantasy books, Finally I broke down and gave it another try, with some lovley results.

I decided To give the Forgotten Realms books a go, they are by no means hugley complex, but they are wonderfully adventerous with great character development.

Some of the Seris's I've enjoyed.

Daughter of the Drow, (This is the name of the first book in the seris, the actual name of the seris escapes me at the moment.) It's a 3 part seris about a Dark Elf who flee's to the surface but is determined to keep her magic as a part of her, while trying to fight off her peoples evil goddess.

War of the Spider Queen.

Is a 6 part seris again about Dark Elvs, but these ones are by no means trying to be good, it's a neat story about the bad guys! Each part is written by a different author which seems to add an interesting flow to the over all feel of the books.

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